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Gold Kiwi Bullion BarsWelcome to Kiwi Bullion NZ. We are a local Christchurch based business with the aim of affording everyone the opportunity to purchase gold bullion, silver bullion and platinum bullion. We provide such an opportunity to buy gold, buy silver and buy platinum by selling in smaller quantities if preferred. Our prices are competitive as we endeavour to supply you at a rate that will enable you to receive a future gain on your investment. Rather than special commemorative coins, our focal point is the sale of bullion, supplying you the most metal for your money. This will yield you the best possible future return on your investment through better resale value in NZ. Furthermore, the quality of our gold, silver and platinum is paramount and of the highest quality. All of our gold, silver and platinum bullions are at least 99.9% pure. Gold, silver and platinum are GST exempt in NZ which makes them such a profitable, worthwhile investment.Bullion NZ Silver

Investment in these precious metals is the perfect opportunity to increase your wealth steadily. With increasingly low interest rates on term deposits and bank investments, coupled with the increased risk of investing in the share market, the ultimate investment truly is the acquisition of gold, silver and platinum. Gold and Silver have more than tripled their spot value in the past decade. Platinum a more volatile market has quadrupled its value during the same period. These impressive figures demonstrate that the purchase of gold, silver and platinum absolutely is the superior, long term, stable investment.

At Kiwi Bullion we prefer to take a personal approach. We understand your need to deal with us directly to ensure the best possible care is taken to supply you with genuine gold, silver and platinum that arrives to you safely and securely. Please feel free to contact us via email or telephone if you have any questions. You are assured and guaranteed that you will be provided with genuine products and premium service as your money is paid into a local NZ bank account. 

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Sunshine Mint 10 oz Silver Bar 1 oz Canadian Maple

1 oz American Silver Eagle

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